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Niagara Equissage Pulse

The Niagara Equissage Pulse is a back pad that delivers cycloidal vibration therapy (CVT) to the whole body. CVT is a three dimensional vibration that rotates and pulsates out from the center which provides optimal benefits without causing any harmful side effects. Clinical studies have shown that CVT improves blood flow, relieves muscle and joint pain, assists with healing, and improves joint mobility. We also have an Equissage hand unit for areas that need some extra attention, and can also be used on legs to stimulate circulation to injury sites. 

The Equissage Pulse is great for warming up you horse's muscles before exercise, or relaxing them afterwards. Regular use can improve the overall health of the muscular system, increasing flexibility, suppleness, and range of motion., as well as preventing injury. 

Cycloidal Vibration Therapy

Regular Equissage use provides the following benefits:

  • Improve blood circulation 

  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage

  • Shorten recovery time after work

  • Accelerate healing after injury (tendons, ligaments, and muscles)

  • Increase oxygen supply to all tissues

  • Relaxe the muscles

  • Eliminate toxins and prevents lactic acid buildup 

  • Improve joint mobility

The Niagara Equissage System has been used to help improve many conditions including:

  • Arthritis

  • Cold backs and sore backs 

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Rhabdomyolysis

  • Laminitis

  • Lymphangitis

  • Strains and injuries

  • Filled legs

  • Abcesses 


The Equissage Pulse has many benefits when used alone, but even more so when combined with PEMF and/or cold laser therapy! We offer customized sessions to maximize your horse's wellness and performance. 


"I really like the Niagara Equissage therapy system to warm up my horses before exercise, and to warm down after cross country.  I use it on my horses on a regular basis."


"The Niagara Equissage helps my horses perform to the best of their ability and be more consistent. It also helps them to recover quickly from competition."

“In the Dressage phase (of eventing), we have to show relaxation and Niagara Equissage really helps that aspect of competitiveness. Niagara Equissage creates a straighter horse, one that uses muscles from one side to the next more equally.”


"The Back Pad is part of our daily maintenance for all of our show horses and we have found it to be an invaluable part of our program.  With regular use, our horses start out much softer throught their bodies; we have fewer incidents of back soreness and are much happier overall.  I love that the unit is so portable and that it is very easy to use.  Thank you for this quality product and for your support."

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